Palmtree display

A fully grown palm tree.


Palm trees can be grown only from palm seeds planted in a tree crop plot. Once planted, they will visibly grow until fully grown, at which point the player can cut them down with an axe. Harvesting a palm tree will give the player planks and thatch, along with coconuts that will fall from the tree periodically while harvesting. The player has the opportunity to get up to 4 coconuts per harvest and if not collected they will roll away. Palm trees can give you access to coconuts and are a renewable source of coco nuts.


in the steam release the coconut tree will not drop coconuts and will give you either coco nuts, planks, palm seeds and palm leaves. To grow the tree it will require to be watered with fresh water.

They will be found on island just like the mango.


  • It is possible to stand on a palm tree as it is growing.
  • The palm tree never changes shape only grows larger
  • It is recommended that you collect coconuts quickly as the roll
  • Coco nuts can`t be collected by item nets.
  • The tree crop plot is one of the two items in the game that has soil.