Coconuts are a consumable item obtained only through palm trees. Each palm tree yields four coconuts, which fall off as the player chops the tree down. Coconuts can be consumed for a small boost in both hunger and thirst along with giving the player palm seeds. The player can obtain a maximum of 4 coconuts per tree. Coco nuts are one of the few items that give more thirst then hunger (apart from water)Coco nuts can`t be caught in an item net coconuts coco nuts do not float and will sink so collect them fast.


It has a brown husk and is and an oval shape and hangs off a tree. coco nuts have 3 holes on them only available to be seen if looked at the top. Also the coco nut rolls on one side.


The coconut can no longer be found on islands and will restore less health and hunger the palm seeds will no longer be obtained through the means of barrels but instead by exploring the islands and cutting the tree down. The tree needs water to grow and will not grow without it.