The axe is useful for destroying the raft or cutting down trees. You can hold it down for more efficient tree cutting. The axe is very helpful and can destroy anything including all the buildings. The axe is the the second way to destroy things the shark can do it to. The axe can cut down trees and if you break a crop plot you will get 50-60 percent of what you are cutting like (50-60 of the wood you get from palm trees or 50-60 percent of potatoes from a crop plot.


The axe on steam is crafted with 8 wood, 3 rope and 1 scrap. The axe will restore 50% of the item destroyed. The axe can be used to cut down the 2 trees found on an island. (mango and coco nuts) You will get palm leaves, planks, mango or coco palm seeds and mango and coconuts.